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Other Designs

· Automated Number Plate Manufacturing Rig

The goal of the rig was to manufacture number plates from stock acrylic plates and pre-printed reels of adhesive backed reflective. The operator’s job simply being to keep the rig supplied with stacks of acrylic and reels of reflective.

The rig design made to achieve this goal fed a set length of reflective by stepper motor drive onto a kiss-cut platen. At this point a known shape of reflective was partially cut away and the protective backing film on the adhesive side wound away by a constant load plate motor. The cut-out length of reflective was driven to a position where an awaiting acrylic number plate was pressed down onto it. The acrylic plate had been pre-collected from a hopper by a pneumatics pick n’ place arrangement. Two hoppers were used, each able to maintain a steady position of acrylic by linear actuator and optical switch. The operator sequentially fed the hoppers with 100 acrylics.

· Fibre Optics “Zig-Zag” Panel

The client wished to revise the layout of fibre entry to a set cabinet space for use in tele-communications sites such that all fibres came from one direction only, this giving significant savings on trunking around the cabinet. This was achieved within the cabinet by using what has become termed in the Industry as a “Zig-Zag” plate. This plate allowed all fibres to be ported into the cabinet in a benign overlaying arrangement, removing congestion problems and concerns over fibre damage. It has since become a common feature of fibre optics cabinets.

POSS Ltd is a regular supplier of design specials to resolve tele-comms housing issues, from Optical Distribution Frames to individual cassettes.

  • We have latterly completed the design for manufacture of a Test Rig to BS4790 that is used for assessing the Flame Resistance of Carpets, the first model has now been made and sold by WIRA, a major Leeds based Instrumentation manufacturer for the fabrics Industry . We worked solely from the specification defined by the standard, with all drawings and component supplier details completed within three days.

  • The assembly of structural steelwork for the Environmental Engineering Department, Bradford University has been completed from a full set of detail drawings by POSS Ltd. This was completed to time and budget enabling the suppliers to successfully tender for contract.
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