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Drinks Dispense System

This goal of this project was to design an integrated package of equipment providing on site generation of mixed gas for drinks dispense.

The mixed gas requirement was for two blend ratios of Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide, with the high purity Nitrogen generated on site from a temperature controlled Air Separation Membrane driven by dried compressed air.

Uniquely the Gas Blender design operated on a pulsed gas basis, this simply used solenoid controlled valves to give pulses of each gas at predetermined flow rates. The reliability of this format has been proven in the field where there are now around one thousand systems in use.

Another unique feature of this design was the co-generation of a second Nitrogen stream at very high flow rates for safely driving dispense pumps.

The drinks dispense system had to comply with Pressure Systems, Electrical, Food and Beverage and Small Machines standards, subsequently gaining CE approval following external assessment.

Emergency Resuscitation Kit

  • An alternative application of the air separation membrane was for oxygen enrichment used in an emergency resuscitation package.

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