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August 2012
  • Some of the recent projects have now got to market and others are still under wraps. One now selling strongly is for Patio doors, for which Mark designed the Locks, Runners and all extrusions. Other ongoing projects include Flow Meters, Door Fittings, Hand Railings, Garden and Street Lighting Units, Golf Equipment, Shower Fittings....the list goes on! It is hoped to bring some images and more details of these projects to the News page soon.

  • One project now complete and being sold through garden centres is a system for wall mounting flowers, the "Vertigarden". Each array of flowers is fed via capillaries running from a moulded header tank. I'll certainly have one for the wall outside my office!

  • POSS Ltd has designed and prototyped the telescopic arms for a new football table, the "Opus". The specification demanded use of zero "Stick-slip" dry bearings and consistent action at all times. The bearing housing design acheived this, giving controlled flexibility whilst maintaining bearing alignment. More detail can be viewed at the manufacturer's website ElevenForty Ltd. Take a look.

  • POSS Ltd has completed the design work for two sizes of Infra-Red Transmitter to be worn by pet cats and dogs for home entry via a novel new pet door. A challenging design in miniaturisation for watertight plastic capsules containing the electronics.

  • Clients often secure patent rights following design projects, as a consequence POSS Ltd has many years experience of draughting the formal drawings for patent applications and is now successfully providing this service to agencies across the UK.

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